5 Ways to Bounce Back from an Indulgent Weekend

5 Ways to Bounce Back from an Indulgent Weekend

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What with summer being summer, and every friend of mine owning a cottage (seriously, how does everyone afford their own cottage?), weekend road trips are a common occurrence. And along with road trips and cottage barbeques comes a SLEW of unhealthy and indulgent eating. At least in my case it does. I also figured that with Thanksgiving having just passed, this article would be beneficial to all my Canadian readers (don’t worry my American friends, your day will come!)

It ALWAYS starts off the same. I say to myself “Beverley. When someone offers you a bag of chips – you politely decline. Don’t even have one – you’ll never stop. When you make a pit stop for food and you’re not actually hungry, don’t buy a toasted bagel with herb and garlic cream cheese with a chocolate chip muffin. I don’t care how delicious those new flavored bagels are. DON’T. DO IT.”

So I go into this road trip with great intentions, strongly believing I can overcome any temptation.


This weekend that lasted literally 45 minutes before someone opened a massive party bag of Salt and Vinegar Ms Vickies chips. Like seriously, I didn’t even stand a chance. Or, that bag didn’t stand a chance rather. I was literally grabbing handfuls of chips with both my hands.

Fast forward to the end of the weekend. I’m now a blob in a deck chair, filled up with beer, chips, veggie burgers and buns. (And the brownie that I snuck in my bag with me and did not share with anyone… sorry!). We have a five hour drive in the car, and I already feel my stomach upset with me. Digestion seems to come to a complete halt when i’m on vacation.

How many of you have been in this situation and hated yourself for it?!

Well – not to worry! I have been in this situation many, MANY times, and do a few things to help me get back into the swing of things, and feeling normal. These are exactly the protocols i’m going to follow for this week coming up.

1. Drink tons of water

This piece of advice I follow closely throughout the indulgent weekend, as well as when I get back home. Something about drinking a litre of water while eating a bag of chips makes me feel better about myself. It allows me to stay hydrated and helps with indigestion and/or stomach pains (which tends to happen when I eat too much). The day after I get back from a weekend away, I make sure I am drinking water constantly, which makes me feel much more energized and revitalized. It’s cheaper than a juice cleanse and easy to do!

2. Pack lunches that are wholesome (no processed foods, high in protein, and tons of veggies)

This one I cannot stress ENOUGH! The evening I get back from my weekend away, I am at the grocery store getting my shopping in. I like to keep it really easy and clean – usually i’ll buy some fresh fish filets and vegetables. To keep it simple perhaps zucchini, red peppers, red onion and potatoes. I roast the veggies with salt and pepper and saute the fish with a squeeze of lemon juice. These lunches are great because they have everything – protein, carbs, and vegetables. They’re filling, but completely clean and healthy.

3. Hit the gym the next day

Usually on the ride back home, I am already thinking in my head what workout i’m going to do the next day. If you’re like me, chances are you got very little exercise in (if any at all) during your weekend away. Getting up to grab a beer from the cooler does not count, unfortunately. I find that hitting the gym the next day changes my mindset in a positive way – I feel much better about the week ahead, and I spend less time concerning myself with all the high fat foods and extra calories I consumed that weekend.

4. Drink lots of green/Chinese tea or black coffee

Something about green tea, or the herbal Chinese tea I get from the Asian supermarkets really helps to settle my stomach. If i’m feeling peckish during the day, but not exactly hungry, I will always turn to tea. Now – if the weekend eating has really messed up my bowels (yes i’m talking about not being able to poop), then black coffee is my saviour! Avoid adding in all the creams and sugar and keep it as simple as you can. In either situation, I try to keep as many fluids going into my system as possible.

5. Don’t skip breakfast – have something high protein/low carb

I know you might be tempted to skip breakfast and hopefully create a calorie deficit from the surplus you indulged in during the weekend. I would advise not to. Your stomach is probably already a bit confused and upset by all the things it ate during the weekend and at odd times (read: smores at 2 in the morning). Rather than make it worse, start getting back into your normal routine right away. Usually I will have something light, such as a protein shake (almond milk, protein powder, frozen banana, and nut butter) which will keep me full till lunch time.

These are my top 5 tips, and yes I follow every single one of them! By Friday I feel back to normal. Seriously – give them a try.

What do you like to do when coming back from an indulgent weekend?

How was your Thanksgiving (if you are Canadian!)??

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  1. Great tips! I often find myself caught in a “sugar loop”. Once I give into that slice of cake, I want some more, then a piece of chocolate, then another. I find that if I get tough with myself and break the cycle, I’m ok (until next time…!).

    • beverleyc

      15 October

      Ooo yes i totally agree. I get caught more in a ‘potato chip’ loop and literally cannot stop sometimes

  2. Lucie

    14 October

    These are great tips! I do indulge when the food is good, and on special occasion, and I honestly don’t feel guilty about about it either! I had great big family dinners on Saturday and Sunday, and I also kept active on those days to burn off the excess energy! I also tried to flush my body with lots of water! Afterall, I only eat like that at Thanks Giving, Christmas and some years on New Years day too!

    • beverleyc

      15 October

      good! definitely don’t feel bad about indulging, especially because its only a few times a year anyway 🙂

  3. Great tips and I pretty much do the same thing! I make sure I get to the grocery store as soon as possible and have a weeks worth of meals planned so I can get back to normal by the end of the week. I also drink ACV and get some matcha in my system 😉

    • beverleyc

      15 October

      ooo ACV! I really need to look into that. Thanks Ashley =D

  4. Love these tips! I feel like I’ve had a few too many indulgent weekends recently and I think many of these would’ve really helped, especially getting back to your normal routine. I have the tendency to want to skip a few meals to make up for it..good to know I shouldn’t do that! Thanks again!

    • beverleyc

      19 October

      Ahh i know the feeling!! Super glad that you found this helpful. Thanks Joscelyn!

  5. If it is not too hot I love making a big batch of veggie loaded brothy soup! The broth tends to fill me up and you can load a million veggies in!

    • beverleyc

      19 October

      Ahh this sounds so perfect! Homemade soup is definitely one of my go-to meals as well when i’ve been eating unhealthy

  6. I do love an indulgent weekend, but not the recovery. I can totally get on board with all this advice – even if I’m not Canadian! Can you come to Charlotte and become my personal trainer and life coach!?!?! 🙂

    • beverleyc

      19 October

      Hahaha Rachelle you’re the best! I would love to do that =D

  7. Awesome advice! Water and exercise are key for me – and green smoothies help, too. I love that you emphasize healthy meals and not depriving yourself to get back on track! Love your tips.

    • beverleyc

      19 October

      Mmm green smoothies – YES! Smart idea. Thanks Alexandra!

  8. Agreed! Don’t beat yourself up, just get back at it the next day full force!

  9. […] 5 Ways To Bounce Back From An Indulgent Weekend – Good tips for getting yourself back on track. […]

  10. Evi @ greenevi

    18 October

    Great tips, I can totally relate to everything you write. I always eat healthy things at home, I would never ever buy a bag of chips myself. But when I go somewhere with friends and they offer me unhealthy things I just can’t resist them 😀

    • beverleyc

      19 October

      Ahh you and I are the same!! The word ‘no’ is not in my vocabulary when it comes to snacks haha

  11. Oh my gosh did you reach in to my brain for inspiration! I had a girls weekend and we ate pretty terrible. But hey, I was on vacation. These are really great tips!!

    • beverleyc

      22 October

      Bahah i think i need a girls weekend too now!!!

  12. masala girl

    20 November

    i think water is my #1 after having not so good eats. it definitely settles my stomach, along with tea! and ditto on everything you said and the veggie broth/soup!

  13. Eva

    19 March

    Hi Bev ! I think it could be worst than having too much bad food on one week-end. It can definitely be your coworkers asking for going out for lunch or for a beer (you know that “afterwork” stuff you go so you get knowing each other…). I am very bad at saying “no” to food, but, funny, my stomach is really good at telling me “hey, are you kidding ? Noodles ? After Mexican ? After ice cream ? After Chinese food ? The same 2 days ?” :'(
    And finally I found out that going for a walk, having tea (and go to the toilet as often as possible) is the only way to getting better faster.
    Thank you for making me less awful for being so much in love with (bad) food…

    Ps : I’m French, very sorry about my grammar haha

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