5 Ways to Fix Knee Pain at Home [VIDEO]

5 Ways to Fix Knee Pain at Home [VIDEO]

DISCLAIMER: No this is not a cure all solution.

Unfortunately, your knee pain problems probably have a 99% chance of being totally different from MY knee pain problems… BUT KEEP READING/WATCHING ANYWAY.

After Adam and I returned from Scotland, I banned myself from the gym because I had gotten patella femoral painsyndrome in my left knee from all the hiking we did. (And no, I still haven’t shut up about it). Literally, I couldn’t walk properly for a week and over 8 weeks later, i’m still working on moving completely pain free.

I posted an update video to Instagram, which received a hugeee response and tons of encouraging words. A lot of comments said they wanted me to keep them updated with my progress, and what I had been doing to rehab my knee moving forward.

Since so many people asked, I thought it would be a good idea to actually put together a little video on what i’ve been doing and share my thoughts and information I had picked up along the way.

I’ve been lucky enough to have been helped by so many people – my massage therapist, whos’ mind is an ocean of information, an amazing trainer and gym owner who put together a little program for me to help me move forward, plus tons of other helpful comments and bits of information i’ve been given along the way.

(Literally my knee should be better by now).

BUT it isn’t, and thus, I will keep doing these 5 things weekly, which i’m certain will help me to getting back to 100%.

Hopefully by the summer. I tend to run and jump a lot when it’s warm?

Anyway, watch the video and let me know what you think! If you have a friend or family member, or you yourself suffer from knee problems, i’m sure that you could pick up something valuable from this video.

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  1. Virjinia

    15 November

    Knee problems are SUUUUCH a pain. You definitely feel it no matter what you do. I’ll have to give these a shot and I’ll definitely save this for any future pains.

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