5 Reasons Why I Will Never Compete in a Bikini Com...

5 Reasons Why I Will Never Compete in a Bikini Competition

*Note: I put off publishing this article for almost a year, because I didn’t want to sound like I was bashing bikini competitions. But similar to my article of Why I Stopped Eating Meat, people would ask me this question so often so I figured i’d put it down in word. Also, this blog is meant to be educational and straight-up, and I want YOU to have as much information as you can if deciding to enter a competition.

There was a time when I almost competed in a bikini competition.

You know. Bikinis. Stripper heels. Lots of sequins. Spray tans. Curled hair. Seriously, serious make up. Prancing around on stage. Pretty much the polar OPPOSITE of who I am.

I was so close to going through with it too. I was living in Vancouver, and it was 2014. Bikini competitions really had started to pick up in popularity around that time, and more and more people at my gym were telling me about them. Random strangers would approach me in the middle of a set, and ask if I was training for a bikini competition (to which I would glare at them, finish my set, take out my headphones and say “What are you asking me??!“)

Beats me why so many people were interested, but after being asked again and again, I slowly started to consider it. If you know me, you know I like to win.

No; I love to win.

And it would be easy! I was already fit, a pair of heels and a bikini were the only things I needed, right???

WRONG. So wrong. All sorts of wrong.

5 Reasons Why I Will Never Compete in a Bikini Competition

1. It Costs a LOT of Money ($1,000+)

5 Reasons Why I Will Never Compete in a Bikini Competition

I can’t remember exactly how much everything was going to cost, but this is approximately how much it broke down for me

  • Clear stiletto heels: $100 (off Amazon)
  • Competition Bikini: $100 (bought used from a friend)
  • Posing clinic: $65

*Note: This is where I stopped paying once I realized it was going to be much, much more than that*

Let’s not also forget about:

  • Membership fees of the association holding the event (~$200 for 1 year).
  • Registration for the competition (~$150).
  • Stage photography / back stage photos ($100-$200).
  • Tanning (~$150)
  • Make up (~$150)
  • Hair (~$125)
  • Jewelry (~$25)
  • Mani/Pedi (~$80)
  • Waxing ($80)

You think i’m finished here, but i’m not. There’s also the glue you need to keep your suit in place. All the protein and supplements that these body building companies push on you. If you’re not in the city that the competition is in, you have travel and hotel costs as well.

Sadly, lots of girls don’t know how to train for a bikini competition, so don’t forget about your training coach and your posing coach (EASILY, $500-$800 spent on coaches).

If you add that all up, it comes out to around $1,400. That doesn’t even include all the additional food/supplement intake, coaches, or travel costs. Like I said – it was way too much. I ended up selling the bikini and heels for less than I paid, and went to Cuba with Adam for half the cost.

2. Extreme Dieting Will Mess Up Your Metabolism

I don’t have too many friends that I know who have done body building competitions, but I’ve talked to a couple about it, and I also like to think I have a basic knowledge of nutrition and health. The lengths that some of these competitors will go to to lose any ounce of fat or undesirable body-weight is shocking. In the weeks leading up to a competition, their caloric intake goes way, way down. To a very unhealthy level.

5 Reasons Why I Will Never Compete in a Bikini Competition

For those few weeks, their body is essentially in starvation mode. I’ve seen competitors spend hours at the gym, sweating their hearts out, and hardly eat a thing afterwards. This ‘starvation mode’ means that your body is lowering its metabolic rate to burn calories slower, to make up for the deficit.

As soon as the competition is over, they bounce back with chocolate, chips, fries, burgers – basically anything they can get their beautifully manicured hands on. I’ve talked to and read from competitors that this ‘binge’ which is supposed to last one or two days, can last months and months. And since their metabolic rate has slowed down substantially, they are gaining weight much quicker than they are burning calories.

3. The Meal Plans are a Joke

Back in 2014 I googled some meal plans to get an idea of what other competitors were eating. On and they even have a section of for meal plans for body building competitors.

5 Reasons Why I Will Never Compete in a Bikini Competition

Each one I found, looks VERY similar to this:

Breakfast: 2 egg whites, 1/3 cup oatmeal, 1/2 cup blueberries
Mid Morning Snack: 1 chicken breast, 1/2 sweet potato, 10 walnuts
Lunch: 1 more frigging chicken breast, 1/2 cup brown rice, 1 cup steamed broccoli
Afternoon Snack: 1 scoop whey protein, 1 tbsp peanut butter
Dinner: 1 piece tilapia, 2 cups salad, 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar

Ummmmm. Are u kitten me?

First off – who eats two pieces of chicken in one day. Secondly, who eats only 1 tablespoon of peanut butter. Thirdly, who wants to eat steamed broccoli with no cheese on it? Fourth, how are people getting away with charging for crap like this? ALSO – WHY WOULD ANYONE EAT A CHICKEN BREAST BETWEEN BREAKFAST AND LUNCH.

Oh my God. Enough said.

(p.s., I have a very, very good free 4-week meal plan that looks nothing like this. All you have to do is sign up)

Training for the Physique is Boring & Unfunctional

5 Reasons Why I Will Never Compete in a Bikini Competition

Similar to the meal plan, the training programs that I’ve clapped eyes on put me straight to sleep. And that’s coming from someone with insomnia!

In a bikini competition, the judges are judging you on your appearance. Your musculature, your glutes, waist, symmetry, etc. Because of this, the training needs to be very isolated and muscle specific to develop the ‘right’ physique. That means there are very few full body, compound movements, and instead many isolation exercises where only one single muscle group is trained.

When you train like that, the program becomes very structured, rigid, and uninspiring. Your days are given titles such as “leg/glute day, back & biceps, chest & shoulders, ab day” and so on. Both compound and isolation exercises are key to a strong workout routine, but when the latter starts to take over, it gets truly unexciting.

These training programs also LOVE high reps at low weights, which to me, is also super boring. 20-25 reps of bicep curls? I’d rather do 10 chin ups and get the same burn. I found an article written by a manager for MuscleContest which advocates the benefits of donkey kicks – when you do 4-6 sets of 100 of them. Yeah. I’m not doing 100 reps of anything. Instead i’m going to go home and enjoy my life.

It’s Demeaning, Subjective & Political


Well, I did say these are the 5 reasons why I wouldn’t compete in a bikini competition. Sorry if you find this offensive and cut throat.

I am very, VERY confident with my body and the way I look. And if I walked on stage in a bikini, after working my ass off to get ripped, lean, tanned, curled, sequined, posed and smiled my heart out, and didn’t even place in the top 3, I would be pretty upset. And pissed off.

Personally, I find it demeaning to let people judge your ass, legs, back, shoulders, face and stomach based on their subjective standards, and give you a rating on how well you compare to others. Not to mention that the reason a lot of girls decide to join bikini competitions for the first time is because they’ve lost some weight and want to stay motivated.

To stand on stage and be proud of everything you have accomplished, only to lose to the girl who’s got 5 years of experience under her sequined bikini can be a hard pill to swallow. And as competitive as I am, I wouldn’t take it easily.

And just like every other sport out there, politics are always involved. I don’t know too much about that aspect, but have heard things here and there. There’s no point in competing in a sport that may already have its outcome determined in advanced.

OBVIOUSLY, in the end, it’s always going to be your prerogative whether you want to take part in a bikini competition. I am so glad that I never went through with it, because I would have been so out of pocket, I may or may not have won (and walked away with nothing to show for it), my diet and metabolism would have taken a hit, and knowing me, I would have gotten fake tan all over my clothes and bed sheets.

Do what makes you happy. 3 weeks into my plan to compete, I was more stressed and anxious, than excited about the competition. That’s when I knew it was not for me. If you’re interested in another point of view, I thought this article was very well written and honest.

Want a functional, fun, and fat burning workout program that you will actually enjoy? Check out my 12-week HIIT E-Book, The Sweat Series!

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  1. Actually funny you wrote this!I have competed and HATED it. In terms of diet, I had a great coach and never participated in bad practices, but I did write a post on why I hated it. I came in with high hopes, but it was very disappointing…

    • beverleyc

      17 March

      I read it! Super interesting, i like how you wrote about both the positives and negatives 🙂

  2. Yeah girl GET IT. I like cookies too much.

    • beverleyc

      17 March

      Exactlyyyy. and ‘za

  3. You’re my hero! This is everything I agree with and believe regarding competitions like this. Thank you for being honest and up front! PROPS BADASS LADY!

    Also, right?! it’s minimum 3 tbs of peanut butter at a time…

    • beverleyc

      17 March

      Thanks Shannon! Haha, and exactly. Whatever fits into my mouth is one serving

  4. Jen

    16 March

    I think I thought about doing a competition maybe once. I honestly like food too much. I don’t think I’d last 1 day on that meal lan!

    • beverleyc

      17 March

      Haha i know what you mean! Once 9 pm roles around I gotta hit the snacks

  5. Diana Becker

    16 March

    I’ve debated doing a bikini competition just for fun but you’re so right the meal plan and everything is just unrealistic. PLUS my goals for fitness are things I can do long term and a bikini competition is not that. LOVE this post!

    • beverleyc

      17 March

      Exactly!! You can’t starve yourself like that… its unnatural =P

  6. Akansha

    16 March

    Wow thank you so much for writing this! When I got into fitness 3-4 years ago a trainer wanted to work with me to train for a bikini competition…um no! Also I’ve read multiple recounts of women participating in competitions (including Cassey Ho from Blogilates) and they sounded miserable afterwards.

    Love your balanced approach to health & fitness. All this bikini competition crap is far from that.

    • beverleyc

      17 March

      Ugh i hate that trainers do that… just cause YOU like it, doesn’t mean its for everyone else!

  7. Emily Weir

    16 March

    I was cracking up at your responses to the ideal daily diet. A bland chicken breast at 10:30am sounds like my worst nightmare. And kudos for recognizing that you don’t need a competition to feel good about yourself!

    • beverleyc

      17 March

      bahah thanks girl. i literally couldn’t imagine it. i’d just vomit it back up

  8. ekatebowen

    16 March

    So relieved to hear your stance on this as it confirms you are still my favourite ever.

    • beverleyc

      17 March

      awww thank you Kate!! <3

  9. LOL @ people who actually MEASURE peanut butter. A serving is however much I shovel into mah facehole while standing at the counter because I’m DYING of hunger.

    • beverleyc

      17 March

      HAHA right?! omg. i feel like a joke myself when i’m write “1 tbsp peanut butter” in my recipes.

  10. Nerissa Kay

    16 March

    Loved this post Bev!! Always livin’ your TRUTH and prepping the honesty <3

  11. Catherine

    16 March

    To each her own, but yeah. I would never compete in one basically for all the reasons you listed. I just don’t think the process is healthy.
    Oh, and whoever’s eating all those dang chicken breasts better buy organic – that’s a lot of hormones to consume daily! 😉

    • beverleyc

      17 March

      i never even thought of the hormones, but YES. totally agree

  12. Ashley

    16 March

    Um all of this yes 🙌

    • beverleyc

      17 March

      <3 <3

  13. DUDE, preach it! I love this! Totally on point!

    • beverleyc

      17 March

      Thanks Allie! <3

  14. Ok I have SO MANY thoughts about this and totally agree with you! There’s a person on my husband’s side of the family who competes and the whole family supports her….while they think I have issues with food because I like to {generally} eat healthy and don’t gain 90 lbs when I’m pregnant. When I read things like, “3 months of starving myself was SO worth it” I is that healthy?! And the whole idea of walking around on stage being judged by the shape of my booty makes me sick to my stomach. What are these women teaching their daughters?! I tell my {soon to be 3} daughters every single day that while it’s fun to wear makeup {when they’re like 25} and dress nice, true beauty comes from within! Also, YES and AMEN, who the heck eats chicken between breakfast and lunch OR stops at 1 TBS of peanut butter?! That’s NO way to live life! LOL!

    • beverleyc

      20 March

      Hey Laura! Thanks for this awesome comment 🙂 I’m so glad we’re on the same page with this! It sounds like you’re telling your girls all the right things!! And that’s completely absurd that you can’t just eat healthy during your pregnancy without getting commented on? If anything it should be praised and inspiring to them!

  15. O yea! Haha, And seriously ,yes, so so so subjective and crazy, and what is the benefit? That’s not a lifelong career! A waste of time!

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  17. I could never live on a diet like that. Like for realz, not even a day. I need to eat, like all the time. I love your honest posts and voice girlfriend!

  18. I loved reading this post, Beverley! I have zero interest in ever competing in such a competition and found it really interesting to read your views and hear your perspective about it. Besides the minuscule meal plan, I can’t imagine ever signing myself up (and paying money) to let other people judge my body. When you put it like that…doesn’t sound too compelling!

  19. Thanks for sharing your thoughts – I would never even consider a bikini contest but I have clients who have done them! And they have messed up metabolisms, done the binge eating, the whole shabang – I don’t think those restrictions are good for anyone!

  20. Sam

    22 March

    This was a great read, as well as your Cozumel post! (Just got back from Cancun myself!) Question for you, do you count macros or calories? I find that I struggle with portions when it comes to eating.

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