3 Years: The Good & The Bad (And a MASSIVE Sa...

3 Years: The Good & The Bad (And a MASSIVE Saje Giveaway!)

HOLY CRAP this blog is 3 years old today. Well, approximately around today. And if this blog were a dog, she’d be heading to Vegas right now to celebrate her 21st birthday. Saucy little dog blog.

This past year Born to Sweat took a life and career of it’s own. I had to cut down on the number of posts I was publishing, but still managed to build my traffic and branch out into other topics than just workouts and recipes. I wanted to use this post to summarize this past year (and the last 3), with The Good and The Bad and a really DOPE Saje Giveaway.

The Good

1. Found My Voice on Instagram

Now THAT’S a weird sentence! What does that even mean?? As many of you probably already know, i’m a pretty weird person. I’m most comfortable when i’m sweating, I have a super manly loud laugh, extreme sarcasm is my second language, and I make jokes that most people just do.not.get.

HOWEVER, this year on Instagram, I found the courage to portray this side of my personality through my stories and posts, and I was shocked at the positive reception. Being able to talk and make jokes the way I do with friends is incredibly liberating. The messages and feedback I get from people for ‘keeping it real’ and making them laugh is one of the best things I could have asked for this year.

2. Most Popular Post

The post that received the most feedback by FAR was Your Job Doesn’t Have to be Your Passion (And that’s OK). The number of messages and comments you guys sent me was truly outstanding and heartwarming. That article stemmed from frustration of constantly being told that what we’re doing is not enough to be truly happy, and I say shame on us for agreeing with that.

As it turns out, many of you guys feel the exact same as I do. Some of you told me that reading that article helped you make a decision that you had been at crossroads at for a long time. It made you feel confident, satisfied, and grateful for what you have right now. Most of all, it helped you realize that you are not alone in this struggle for passion.

3. I Turned my Blog into a Business

For some reason this reminds me of a song lyric? … I feel like it was a rap song. Anyone?

Anyway, officially registered Born to Sweat as a small business in Ontario!! It actually was a WHOLE lot less thrilling than I made it sound, and I literally did it in 20 minutes when I should have been working. HAHA. But it’s just the beginning! I next plan to open up a small business bank account, so I’ll be able to keep my finances separate for when it comes to tax season *shudder* and stay organized.

I believe that taking these small steps will better help me to become more focused, dedicated and committed to taking Born to Sweat to the next level (whatever and where-ever that may be)

4. Coming Out With New Content

Born to Sweat is and always will be a health and fitness blog. I love, LOVE sharing workouts with you guys and am obsessed with taking photos of the recipes I make (and Pinterest images!)

Even so, I found that the articles I wrote that were more ‘real talk’ about ‘real things’ were some of the most popular! And now that Adam and I have bought a home, I’ve also got a few requests for posts surrounding that topic.

Here were some of your favorite non-fitness posts from the year:

The Ugly Truth Behind the Airbrush App

8 Things Only Girls with Big Thighs Will Understand

Activated Charcoal Pills – The Cure for Hangovers?

How Before & After Photos Don’t Always Tell the Full Story

The Bad

1. Feeling Taken Advantage Of

I should begin this with saying that I rarely ever turn down people when they ask for help. I feel like my knowledge on something (usually fitness related) can be easily and painlessly passed down if someone has the courage to ask for it. If you want to start a blog, need help with your squat, or learn to save money and prep food – I’ve ALWAYS been your girl.

Unfortunately this year that feeling of generosity has quickly started to fade, leaving me angry and frustrated. As i’ve found more success through modelling, increased my Instagram following, and started to meet more successful and inspiring people, there have been many people that try to latch on. Wanting to take the easy way out. Looking for a quick win.

“Looking for advice” has become synonymous with “how do I get to where you are, in a quarter of the time and effort?”

I hate how bitter it makes me sound, but I also cannot stand when people don’t put in work. In the end, I’m aware that it’s a small price to pay for all the fulfillment this blog has given me over the years, and will slowly *get over myself*

2. Blog Numbers Staying Constant

Something I hoped to achieve this year was that extremely satisfying and visually appealing increase in my Google analytics stats. As I got a better understanding of Pinterest, learned how to use a camera properly, and came out with new content, I expected my stats to fly through the roof.

My visitors and page views definitely increased, but it was not consistent. I found that every time I published a post or shared something on Instagram, my visitors would take a massive jump. But on days where there was no content to share, it would drop quickly. This stemmed from cutting down my posting schedule from three to two (even once) a week, and finding less and less time to comment and chat with other bloggers.

I’ve never liked measuring my success with things such as ‘stats,’ because I have found success is so many different avenues. I also have found that blogging is slowly becoming a thing of the past, in a world where video content is so immediately gratifying for viewers.

As you can see, the good outweigh the bad 10 times over, and if anything just helps me to become more adaptable, thick skinned, and appreciative of what I have. With that being said, I have partnered with my FAVORITE brand Saje, to celebrate these incredible last three years.

One lucky winner will receive a massive basket of Saje goodies to support your sweat sessions and act as the perfect partner in crime for ANY wellness junkie! Contest is open to residents of the US & Canada, and runs until Wednesday, January 11 at 10 am EST.


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  1. Emily

    4 January

    I love reading about the “real life” stuff! Happy 3 years!

  2. Rebecca

    4 January

    Happy 3 years!! Your instagram stories (and Winston!) are definitely the best!! Can’t wait to see what year 4 brings you.

  3. Happy blogiversary! I’ve loved following along your journey and seeing your growth. Your realness is always inspiring and what I love to hear about most.

  4. Lina

    4 January

    Happy 3 years! First time to your blog. Love reading about fitness and lifestyle. Can’t wait to read more.

  5. Katie

    4 January

    I just found your blog from the Healthy Maven, but I have to say I LOVE your content and can’t believe I didn’t find you sooner. I’m loving your Real Talk content, and love your short workout clips on instagram! <3

  6. Kristyn

    4 January

    I have been following you on Instagram for about a year now and just recently started reading your blog. What i love about you and your blog the most is how true to yourself you are! Thank you for always making me laugh and sharing such awesome information!

  7. Emily

    4 January

    You are hands down my favorite blogger and instagrammer! Your posts always make me laugh, push harder, try something new, or think about something in a new light. “Your Job Doesn’t Have to be Your Passion (And that’s OK)” definitely gave me pause. Your (leg!) workouts are baller. You rock.

  8. Mary

    4 January

    Can’t wait to read more things from you.

  9. Congrats on 3 years Bev! It’s been awesome to learn more about peoples’ personalities through Instagram stores – I’m still a little scared to put myself out there like that! And in terms of what I like to read, I love your workouts – keep em coming!

  10. Emily

    4 January

    Congrats Bev!! cant believe its been 3 years already!!

  11. Ada L.

    4 January

    Congrats! I just started following you….great job & keep up the good work!

  12. Effie

    4 January

    happy 3 years!!

  13. Congrats on three years of blogging! My blogversary is in September but I never manage to remember it!

  14. Devon

    4 January

    You are an inspiration! A real person talking about their journey. Finally!
    I think a few posts about your new home would be so interesting. Transitions in life always make it hard to stay on track fitness and health wise.

  15. Farida Wahidi

    4 January

    Happy 3 years of blogging! You are extremely inspiring and I’m always looking forward to your posts! Thank you for always quickly responding when I needed blogging advice <3 Very much appreciated girl!

  16. Grace Sarah Jemison

    4 January

    Congrats! I love seeing your killer workouts, and have been toying around with starting a blog.

  17. Kaki

    4 January

    I’ve been following you for a while now on Instagram and every post you put up, it inspires me to be better and work harder to be who I would love myself to be! But now that I’ve discovered your blog, I’m excited to read about your lifestyle and maybe those super easy recipes 😛

  18. Bria Mountford

    4 January

    Happy 3 years! I have truely enjoyed following you for the past few years, and you have taught me so much about fitness but also about self appreciation! Thank you so much for your guidance, and I wish you all the best to an even better 2017 ❤️

  19. Leila

    4 January

    Congratulations, Bev! And props for all the yummy recipes you share 🙂

  20. Laura

    4 January

    Happy 3 year anniversary! I love reading about nutrition and how to really have a balanced diet!

  21. Janine Blain

    4 January

    I love all your advice! I have been following you for a while and I love how you keep it real and honest! I am always inspired by how hard you work! A true inspiration! Keep on keeping on girl!

  22. Natasha

    4 January

    I’ve been following you for quite some time now, and I just want to say what an inspiration you are! You’re beautiful inside and out and I enjoy learning new workouts and trying out some of your recipes – keep up the good work! 🙂

  23. Charlene

    4 January

    Easy and clean recipes address great read for me!

  24. Jenny

    4 January

    Found you a few months ago- don’t even remember how but I think it was Instagram (maybe Katie Crewe??) Anyway, l appreciate that you’re genuinely you and you bring positivity, fun, and realness to my social media feeds!

  25. Kati Miller

    4 January

    I love the balance of your blog! Mostly fitness but with some flavaaa. Thank you for being real and down to earth, its refreshing to follow a blog like yours. You make it feel like following a friend.

    I would love to see more lifestyle posts and more health routine posts/tips. Happy New Year!

  26. Jason Au

    4 January

    Congrats on the success! The wife and I enjoy your workouts. Looking forward to the next year!

  27. Lily

    4 January

    Favourite thing to read about in your blog we’re your recipes!

  28. Sydney

    4 January

    I really appreciate your “real talk” posts and how you stay true to yourself (especially the ugly truth behind the airbrush app). With my social media being flooded with Instagram models and silly diet trends, it’s nice to know that your posts will be honest and unedited!

  29. Joanne

    4 January

    Happy three years! I love your work out videos and quirky posts. Keep up the great work!

  30. Courtney L

    4 January

    I love how even when you’re talking about negatives, you’re still so positive! Lol and congrats on so many partnerships this year!

  31. Erin m.

    4 January

    Health at every size

  32. Pearl

    4 January

    Love following your blog and Instagram! Your posts are all very genuine, and you motivate rather than pressure or guilt.

  33. Mollie K.

    4 January

    I like to read about self love and body image!

  34. Lia

    4 January

    Just discovered your blog through the healthy maven! Looking forward to reading more!

  35. Josie

    4 January

    Recently started following you! Your Instragram and your blog keep me inspired to stay fit! Thank you!

  36. Emily

    4 January

    I’m a fairly new reader but I’m loving your blog! Just read your IUD post and I appreciate you talking about the procedure in detail, especially what was uncomfortable, since I’ve been thinking about one seriously for a while now! Keep keeping it real!

  37. Alexandra

    5 January

    Congrats! Love finding someone real and local in Toronto! 🙂 Ps. Your snap and IG stories make me lol on a daily basis, keep being yourself!

  38. I cannot believe I haven’t read your most popular post. I’m off to read it now because I say that ALL THE TIME. Mine isn’t, but it pays the bills!!

    Girl, I SO hear you on your interpretation of “looking for advice”. Life, work, diets – there are no quick fixes. Hard work, y’alls.

  39. Your post on being happy with your job helped me so much- seriously THANK YOU! Cheers to 3 years and I can’t wait to see what you do in 2017!

  40. Nikki

    5 January

    Happy 3rd Blog-iversary!! Keep keeping it real, and looking forward to reading all about it in 2017 🙂

  41. Ivanna

    5 January

    Congrats Beverley! I can relate to so many things in this post. Thanks for sharing.

  42. YAY HAPPY 3 YEARS! You are my spirit animal and I constantly think about when I can come to Toronto and visit you. Just move to Chicago – that would make things way easier on me. K thanks bye.

  43. Mary Morton

    5 January

    Thanks for sharing your every day life!! I am in love with Winston and enjoying following your variety of workouts that I can use into my own routine. You are a strong, positive role model for so many women, and you should be so proud!!

  44. Andrea

    5 January

    Thanks for inspiring us!

  45. glowjobblog

    5 January

    Your Instagram workout vids are so inspiring!

  46. Joanne

    5 January

    Happy 3 years! I’ve recently started following you’ve and my favourite posts are the ones concerning fitness. I’m slowly getting active myself but when I’m not, your fitness content or IG videos help me live vicariously through you! I Am also a fan of your brand of humour 😀

  47. Rosa

    5 January

    Happy 3 years! Keep up the amazing work!!!

  48. Emily Weir

    6 January

    Happy 3 years! There will always be people trying to get to where you are, but if that’s the biggest downside of your blogging success, I’d say you’re doing pretty well 🙂 Plus, few people are as entertaining on Instagram stories as you are, since it’s mainly you in a pink robe with your cat hah!

  49. Laura

    6 January

    Happy Happy 3rd Birthday! 🙂 I love reading your posts! You are genuine and hilarious and I am glad to have found you on the world wide web! 🙂 After this baby is born I am SO going to do some of your workouts too! 😉

  50. Lucy

    6 January

    Happy 3 year! I just was introduced to your blog for The Healthy Maven blog and am loving it!!!

  51. Happy 3 years!! 🙂 I love reading posts about honesty and the fact that we’re all HUMAN. We can’t do it all! Love your blog 🙂

  52. Happy 3 years lovey! You are one inspiring, hardworking, talented fitness queen! So glad to see your blog and instagram grow incredibly! Keep it up <3

  53. Alexa

    6 January

    i love reading about real life struggles (lack of motivation, snacking when bored, not having dream job = ok, etc), what I ate posts, and fitness tips! always looking for new moves for the gym. oh and travel tips + not getting meal prep burnout

  54. Gloria Webber

    7 January

    I love reading motivational articles and simple ways to work towards getting fit.

  55. Rita

    7 January

    Congrats on the 3 years! It’s wonderful that you motivate so many people to stay fit and active. Keep up the good job!

  56. Yay! I’m late, but happy 3 years! Doesn’t it feel crazy long but yet it really isn’t “that” long :O

  57. Karl Cooks

    8 January

    Happy blogiversary! What a great recap of the year! Your blog has flourished so much I love reading it.

  58. Farrah

    8 January

    I like reading about fitness/health/nutrition! :] Happy blogiversary to you! <3

  59. I hate the stats/numbers game. It can be SUCH a buzzkill. I totally love this Bev – you share such awesome stuff and one day I’m going to hijack your Instagram following (killing it).

  60. Happy happy!!! SO SO SO f***ing glad to have connected with you through BGB. I love how real, honest, and FUN you are. I seriously LOL every time I watch your IG stories. Late last year (reminding myself it’s 2017) I struggled with figuring out how much blogging advice to give to someone…to say the least, I felt like like they wanted to latch on to what has worked for me, too. Who knows if that’s actually true, but I think I can maybe understand with what you talked about above. The old me would have given 110% to help the person and then kicked myself for bending over backwards. New me gave advice but didn’t slave over said advice. And now I’m rambling. Does that make any sense? xoxoxo

    • beverleyc

      13 January

      I got so many comments and I am too lazy to reply to any of them (I’m a terrible blogger), but this comment made me feel so happy!
      Jess I love that I know you and I love that we are friends and I hope HOPE one day we can meet! I’m so glad you feel me when it comes to giving advice, cause I hate feeling like an asshole that doesn’t want to help. Everything you said to me makes sense haha, you can ramble to me any day of the week 😉

  61. Brenda Lacourciere

    10 January

    I like reading about healthy eating. Some great recipes and tips would be awesome.

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