2016 Born to Sweat Last Minute Gift Guide

2016 Born to Sweat Last Minute Gift Guide

Happy December!

I wasn’t planning to do a Christmas gift guide this year. I guess you could say these last couple months have been tough to keep up with, so i’ve not really been planning content in advance unfortunately.

But the other day someone commented on one of my Instagram photos asking if I would do one, and I figured why not! Rather than post random items that probably no one will actually use (how many marble cheese boards can you GET YOU GUYS), i’m going to share with you the items that I use daily or weekly (not including my prescription meds, bahahahah).

Alrighty lets do dis:


The 2016 Born to Sweat Gift Guide

I thought Adam was my best friend until I got my hands on the Theracane. Now I spend at least 10 minutes every night with this guy before I go to bed. Ironically enough, it does look like a giant vibrator (lololol, please don’t use it for that).

If you have a friend who LOVES to go hard in the gym and is always complaining about how sore they are – they will truly adore you for this gift. It’s a self massage tool that lets you get into every nook and cranny to work out those knots. It’s designed for you to push and maneuver it so you can apply more or less pressure.

(Comes with an instruction manual on different trigger points and how to use the Theracane properly)

Perform Better Bands

The 2016 Born to Sweat Gift Guide

I use these bands for almost every single workout, and I incorporate them into all my group classes too. The results are astounding – your form, glute strength, and even existing knee pain can benefit from using these bands. I bought a green and blue version, and they’ve lasted me for well over 1.5 years. They’re super affordable as well.

For some workout ideas, check out these videos here, here and here.

Kaizen Whey Protein

The 2016 Born to Sweat Gift Guide

Dude – don’t knock it till you’ve gifted it. Protein is expensiveeee man, and if someone gave me a tub of $60 protein I would actually be ecstatic. Kaizen I absolutely swear by, and I recommend it to all my clients and friends who ask for suggestions. The reason I prefer this brand is due to the taste and low sugar content.

My favorite way to use it is in these protein pancakesor mixed with half water and half soy milk after a workout.

Biotherm Aquasource Everplump

The 2016 Born to Sweat Gift Guide

After I was truly spoilt this summer with free Biotherm products, one of them in particular caught my fancy. I was dealing pimple after pimple showing up on my chin, and nothing I was doing could get rid of them. I was at a complete loss with what to do.

Cue: this face cream (No, i’m not getting paid to say this). This stuff lives up to its name. Rather than your typical moisturizer, this cream has more of a gel texture. It’s LOADED with moisture and other good stuff for your skin, and doesn’t make your face feel greasy one bit.

Truly, I love this ‘cream’ and I will continue to buy it once i’ve scraped the remaining drop of moisture out. It doesn’t come cheap though – $60.00 a jar.

The Sweat Series

The 2016 Born to Sweat Gift Guide

Obviously I had to throw my e-book into this list! 12 weeks of workouts that can be done in 30 minutes, and progressively get more challenging as the weeks go on.

The Sweat Series is filled with HIIT workouts that use dumbbells, medicine balls, skipping ropes and boxes to complete them. No barbells or machines required. Plus, what better to way to start 2017 off, than with a killer 12 week challenge?!

Succulents/ Aloe Vera Plants

The 2016 Born to Sweat Gift Guide

Finally, this is a super simple and (IMO) thoughtful present. In our new condo we added tons of plants and succulents to match the copper/white/green theme, and it really brightens our place up. Succulents range from $5-$10/each, and don’t take much time to look after.

I got my aloe vera plant from V de V in Toronto, and actually one of my favorite plant/pots from Club Monaco! The plant itself has sadly been completely eaten by Winston, but the actual pot still looks pretty great.

PINK Seamless Underwear

YES LADIES, Cheng is still too cheap to shop at Victorias Secret for lingerie, so she goes to VS’s little sisters store to buy her underwear. I have about 10 pairs of these guys in both thong and cheekster versions, and I absolutely love them. They’re super comfortable and don’t cost an arm and a leg.

Word to the wise – let the gift receiver know to wash them in a mesh bag and hang them to dry. Otherwise they tend to rip.

Bulk Barn Gift Card

This is for you boringggg people who still didn’t think any of those above ideas were good enough, and want to stick with some easy and non controversial… a gift card!

But lets try to be a little LESS boring, and not go for Starbucks, hm? Bulk Barn is the best and your friend will think so too. I go into Bulk Barn at minimum once a week, and stick my hands in at LEAST 4 different containers to sample their stuff….

I kid, I kid.

But i’m not kidding about this gift card! Bulk almond butter, bulk dark chocolate covered pretzels, bulk rolled oats, bulk ERRRTHANGGGGGGG. Bulk Bulk Barn Gift Card shopping?

What About You?!

  • Whats on the top of YOUR gift guide?


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  1. Giselle Rochford

    12 December

    Bulk Barn is my spirit animal. If anyone gets me a gift card from them for Christmas I’ll love them forever 😂

    • beverleyc

      16 December

      Dude, RIGHT?! Haha well if we ever do a gift exchange i know what im getting you 😉

  2. Do those underwear show through your pants? I’ve been on a search forever for a good pair and the regular VS ones I bought are too big or weird or something and just not doing the job. HELP ME.

    • beverleyc

      16 December

      No!! I think they are the perfect pair of underwear and dont show through at all. I get a size medium and love em

  3. This is an awesome gift list, Beverley! I really need that Biotherm face cream and can come be my personal trainer? 🙂

    • beverleyc

      16 December

      The face cream is life changing!! and I’d love to come train ya hehe. Thanks Rachelle! xx

  4. Jess @hellotofit

    16 December

    GAHH those bands are my freaking favorite!!! I have a testy SI joint and clamshells with those babies are a KILLER.

    • beverleyc

      16 December

      Do you have them too!? I was in a side plank yesterday (just hanging out, you know) and tried to do that leg thing that you do hahahahah. it was a horrible fail. i didnt even get my knee halfway up my calf

  5. YAS I’m totes obsessed with those resistance bands. We used them ALL THE TIME at the barre studio I used to teach at. So good for the boot-ay. PS I hate giving gift cards, but I love receiving that. I know, brat 😉

    • beverleyc

      21 December

      i have these bands to thank 100% for any sort of butt that i have now haha. and i am the WORST with gift cards, i never use them haha. GIMME CASH

  6. Brian

    19 December

    I wish you would fit in my stocking…

  7. Ohmygosh those VS Pink seamless undies though…I used to have so many cute pairs of underwear now it’s just seamless everything haha they’re the best

  8. masala girl

    24 December

    okay soo… how exactly do YOU use the theracane?! there are so many parts to it…
    (also YES to pick underwear. it’s all i buy nowadays. i think i get hipster with the mesh sides. sooo comfy and doesn’t show!!)

  9. Sana (@SuperSana)

    29 December

    You had me dying at giant vib. Major lols.

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