18 Minute Cable Core Workout

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Recently my boyfriend and I adopted a cat (its been 9 days now), and it has been taking so getting used to for sure. I’ve ALWAYS said that I would never been good at having a child because a) I don’t like kids and b) I wouldn’t know how to take care of it (and the fact that I call children ‘its’ is also not a great indicator). Recently I found out that adopting a cat is PRETTY MUCH the same thing as having a kid. Trust me. I think I would know. I’ve been a cat owner for all of 9 days.
Okay but seriously – in his first week I have already been woken up at like 2 or 3 am to his meowing outside our door, I have had to wipe poop off of his butt (he’s too fat to clean his butt sometimes), and I get waken up again at ungodly hours in the morning because he misses his mummy and daddy. Also he likes to sit RIGHT on my chest and purr in my face. I don’t think human children do that, but you get the picture.

As a result of all this, I am EXHAUSTED. I think coffee is going to become a regular thing for me now, as I am actually losing about an hour of sleep every night thanks to my chubby furry friend. But with saying all of this, I must agree that he brings a huge amount of joy and cuteness to our condo, and I love him loads.

Anyway – moving on from my cat and onto the workout! This workout has only 3 different exercises and all you need is 18 minutes and a cable machine! If you don’t have a cable machine, a resistance band or tube works fine as well. Its a total core cruncher, involving exercises which will rotate your core around its axis. See below for the quick Gif versions and above for the full YouTube video!

18 Minute Cable Core Workout

Here is the set up:
1A: Cable Squat Wood Chopper – repeat for 1 minute
1B: Plank Cross Body Steps – repeat for 1 minute

2A: Single Leg Cable Deadlift (Right) – repeat for 1 minute
2B: Plank Cross Body Steps – repeat for 1 minute

3A: Single Leg Cable Deadlift (Left) – repeat for 1 minute
3B: Plank Cross Body Steps – repeat for 1 minute

Repeat entire circuit for 3 rounds total!







1A. Cable Squat Wood Chopper: Grab the handle of the cable machine with both hands, facing it straight on and make sure that the cable axis is at its lowest point. Keep your feet about shoulder width apart. Place the lever on the machine so that it is at a reasonable weight for your strength – you may need to test it a couple times to find the right resistance. Squat down keeping your back straight and hips back, with arms out in front holding on to the handle. As you come up, rotate your torso to the right, so that you feel a pull in the lefts side of your obliques. Return back to the middle, and squat down again. Repeat on the opposite side.






1B. Plank Cross Body Steps: Start in a plank position, hands shoulder width apart and core tight. Lift one leg, and bring it up and across your body so that it almost reaches your opposite hand. You should feel a twist in your core muscles. Place leg back into your initial position, and repeat on the opposite leg.






2A. Single Leg Cable Deadlift (Right): Grasp the handle of the cable machine in your LEFT hand and stand about two feet away from the machine. Keep your right foot planted on the ground and lift your left leg up behind you. Maintaining a slight bend in your right knee (leg on the ground), hinge forward at the hips using the weight of the machine to pull you. Once you have reached a point where your body is about horizontal with the ground, squeeze your glutes and pull the cable up so you are back in the starting position. To make it easier, as you come up to starting position rather than driving your left knee up, bring it to the ground so that both feet are together. Make sure that you are squeezing your shoulder blades together for this exercise to avoid your upper back rounding out.

2B.  Plank Cross Body Steps

3A. Single Leg Cable Deadlift (Left)
3B. Plank Cross Body Steps

Repeat this workout for three rounds total – there are six exercises which will each be performed for one minute, bringing you to a total of 18 minutes! Remember – if you don’t have a cable machine use a resistance or elastic band. If you dont have either of those, you can always substitute a dumbbell or other sort of weight in its place.
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